Saturday, August 24, 2013

ShAdE oF tHe TrEe By MiGuEL C.

I am Miguel, a foreigner from the UK but now living in Mabalacat, Pampanga in the Philippines. I really enjoy living here and love the Philippines and Filipino Nation as if it were my home.

I am going to tell you all about my experience in the shade of a tree.I enjoy to walk most days and usually take the same route and enjoy talking to the people I meet, it also helps me to learn some Tagalog. One day I went a different route which took me through some fields full mostly of long tall grass swaying in the breeze. In the centre of one field was a solitary large tree and where its branches spread out, underneath was a perfect shade under the tree. I made my way there to rest in the shade of the tree. Once I got there I sat down with my back against the tree and began to relax and cool down, after about 10 minutes a young guy appeared at the edge of the shade and asked “excuse me po, can I come under the tree”, I told him he could do whatever he liked it wasn’t my tree.
He came in and sat down close to me, I asked him his name, he said he was Joni and was 19 years old. As we sat a bit longer he began to make small talk about himself, his family and where he lived which was interesting. Then out of the blue he told me he had seen me many times walking and had a crush on me for several years but until that day never had the courage to talk to me. At this point he moved closer to me and moved his body around to face me and raised up his knees at which I could clearly see up and inside his shorts all the way to his bright blue underwear and his cute small bulge and could vaguely make out the shape of his penis.

Joni then asked if I wanted to touch him and invited me to touch him, as I sat there looking at him I could clearly see inside his shorts he was getting an erection and he began to open his legs slightly move and was now licking his lips. I leant forward and placed my hand on his knee and slowly slid my hand up and down his leg each time I did so I placed my hand higher and higher until I reached his bright blue underwear. He then placed his hand onto mines and put my hand on to his now hard cock and made my hand rub his cock inside his shorts and he began to moan a little ah, ah yes, I like. He stood up in front of me and I could now clearly see the bulge in his shorts, I then paced both my hands on his legs and slid my hands up and down his legs to his immense pleasure and he continued to moan. I then slipped one hand inside the front of his blue underwear and began to massage his hot hard cock and put my other hand inside the back of his underwear and began to caress his buttocks, all the time Joni moaned and said I like, I like.

I slowly pulled down his shorts to reveal his bright blue underwear with his hot hard sweet cock protruding like a tent pole, I then placed both my hands onto his ass and pulled him closer to me so that his bulge was inches from my face. I began to rub my face against his bulge and then to gently nibble with my lips and teeth on his cock, all Joni could say was, I like, I like. At this point I began to slip down his underwear to reveal his solid hard cock which already had pre-cum trickling out, with my lips I gently kissed his cock up and down and then he put his right hand onto his cock and began to jerk-off slowly and he was now placing the tip of his cock against my lips and gently pushing until my lips parted and I could feel his pre-cum on my lips as his cock started to slide inside my mouth. He slowly did this several times before he started to fully insert his cock deep inside my mouth all the way. I could now see and feel his jet black pubic hair gently brush against my face and feel his sweet cock deep in my mouth and I was really enjoying feeling his cock in my mouth.

He began to moan a bit more, oh, oh, ah, ah, I like, I like lots. He began to speed up a bit and try to thrust deeper but not harder, I could then feel lots of his pre-cum in my mouth and it began to slightly trickle from the corners of my mouth, Joni was now getting quite excited and I could feel his sweet hot hard pinoy cock begin to swell and get even harder, he then began to throw his head back and really moaned out loud ah, Ah, AH, AH, and I could now feel his cock pulsate inside my mouth and feel his sweet cum shooting all over inside my mouth, with every pulse of his cock he injected more and more cum, what a sweet tasting cum he had. He stood there with his cock still in my mouth for a few minutes then slowly slipped it out, his cock was shining with his cum and my saliva and to my surprise he still had an erection.

He sat down beside me and then said he had never experienced his cock being sucked before but he really liked it. He now took of his T-shirt, slipped off his underwear and lay down on the grass completely naked, he then slightly opened his legs and then Joni asked if I could put my cock into his ass as this is something he had also never experienced but wanted to try out. I took off my T-shirt and removed my shorts and underwear and placed myself between his legs, I gently massaged his cute sweet ass with my fingers and using my saliva, I started to lubricate his ass and gently slip my finger inside to his ever increasing moans. I then took my cock with one hand and placed it to his ass, I then gently and slowly started to push my hard cock inside his ass and with each inch that went inside he increased his moans.
I now had my cock deep inside his ass and was kneeling between his legs, he said I could kiss all his body but not his lips, he wasn’t ready for that yet, I bent over his body and began to kiss his body all over and as I reached his neck he wrapped his legs around my waist and his arms around my shoulders and began to move his ass in a small circle and I could feel my cock deep inside his ass being gripped by his cute ass tighter and tighter. With him still wrapped onto my body I sat up and then held him in my arms as he began to slip up and down on my cock, the sensation was amazing for both of us, I could also feel his hard pinoy cock pressed against our bodies as he wriggled and slid up and down.
I began to kiss his ears and his neck, all Joni could do was moan, oh, ah, oh, oh, I like, I like, more po, more po. I moved my lips along his jaw bone kissing and nibbling as I went until I came to his chin at which point, to my surprise, Joni moved his mouth down to meet mines and we began to kiss with such passion, I could feel his tongue going deeper and deeper into my mouth with every second that passed and when our tongues touched it was electrifying, our tongues danced together with every embrace.
Joni now took his legs from my waist and raised them high as he bent his knees upwards, his body slid down even further onto my hard foreign cock and deeper into his ass, more, more po, he said, I like, oh, oh, ahhhhhh., as I now gently started to fuck upwards inside him. The feeling of this pure act of love and the hot passionate kissing was driving us wild with more and more desires. I asked Joni to again wrap his legs around my waist which he did, I then bent forward with him still clinging to my body, I placed my hands onto the grass and I bent my knees forward into the doggy position with Joni hanging from my body like a hammock.

I began to thrust my hips forwards and backwards and with each thrust shoved my cock deep inside his hot tight ass giving us both such immense pleasure and passion. Joni began to kiss me once again (so much for no kissing ?) and as I thrust ever deeper into his ass and pounded harder and harder I could now feel his moans echo inside my mouth and his moaning was getting louder and louder and I could still feel his hot sweet cock trapped between our two bodies as I fucked him and he clung onto my body with his legs and arms wrapped around me.
I could now feel my orgasm beginning to start as I pounded his ass deeper, harder, deeeeper, haaarder, and he began to moan really loud and then threw his head backwards as did I and I began to cum in his ass, my orgasm was like a machine gun firing bullets, with every pulse of my orgasm I could feel huge immense shots of cum shooting inside his ass and as I looked down Joni loosened his grip with his arms and I could see his hard cock was also shooting cum all over the two of us and could once again feel his cock pulsate with delight.

We were both pretty tired by now, he had cum twice in the space of 15 minutes and I had an enormous orgasm too. I bent my arms and lay his body back onto the grass and as I did so he let go his grip with his arms and the flopped onto the ground, he then slowly released his legs from around my waist and just lay there looking up at me. I began to take my cock out of his asss but Joni said, wait , wait po, just a little longer please po. I stopped and left my cock in his ass, but as my cock slowly got softer it began to slide out from his ass and as it finally slid out he let out one last groan, oooohhhhh, as I sat back he placed one of his hands between his legs to his ass and could feel my cum slowly trickle out, with his fingers he gently rubbed my cum around his ass.

We sat there for a little while to catch our breathes and recover from our hot hot hot experience. After a bit we both cleaned up and got dressed. I sat once again with my back against the tree and Joni lay beside me with his head on my lap looking up and as he lay there looking at me he said “ thank-you po, now I know po, I AM a gay and I like”. He closed his eyes and fell asleep and after a bit so did I. When I woke up around an hour later Joni was gone, and on the ground was written “love you po” and a phone number, sadly the last 2 digits I couldn’t make out.

I wil always remember my time in the Shade of the tree..

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